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December 31, 2019
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Begone Bug Incense 12 sticks


Utama Spice’s Begone Bug natural incense sticks are all created using locally sourced spices and herbs. Lovingly hand rolled in Bali, the incense is dipped in pure essential oils making these incense aromatic but a powerful repellant for mosquitos and other bugs alike. This long burning incense is a blend of flowers, barks, herbs, oils, nuts, and spices using no synthetic or endangered plant ingredients. Wrapped in recycled paper, hand made with Fair Trade and Tri Hita Karana principles.

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eople have burned incense for thousands of years for ceremonial, meditational, and therapeutic purposes. The fragrant smoke that is released upon burning incense has many properties that are pleasing to the senses.
Made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients that are locally sourced, the aroma of Begone Bug incense has the power to keep bugs away from your personal space. The perfect blend of mint and citronella essential oils create a natural insect repellent that is pleasing to the senses. Does not contain synthetics or endangered plants.
        100% natural ingredients.
        Sharp, clean scent.
        Protects against bugs and insects.
        The incense is hand rolled.


Bamboo, Coconut Charcoal, Vitex Trifolia Leaf Powder , Essential Oils (Citronella, Clove, Cajuput)