6 Popular Types of Massage Therapy to Get at a Salon

6 Popular Types of Massage Therapy to Get at a Salon

Benefits of Massage Therapy
5 Great Benefits of Massage Therapy at a Salon
October 7, 2021

6 Popular Types of Massage Therapy to Get at a Salon

Types of Massages

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A massage is a technique that has been used for years and years to treat a wide range of different problems.

In fact, it was said that the first massage therapy was introduced in 3000 BC, in India, which then spread all over the world and took various forms.

Generally, a massage can help to relax the body overall, regulate blood flow, reduce pain and maintain joint mobility. But, it can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health and general well-being too.

So your muscles are tense, you feel stressed and you’re ready for a massage. 

But the question is: which one? To help you decide, here are 6 popular types of massage therapy you can get at a salon.


1. Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage and is used all over the world. (Sometimes referred to as a classic massage).

With this, a variety of different techniques and strokes can be used. For instance, it can be done by vibration, long kneading, tapping rhythmically and sliding the hands with firm movement.

As it’s a gentle type of massage, it’s ideal for those who are new to massages, hold a lot of tension and are sensitive to touch.

Positively, Swedish massages can help to release any muscle knots whilst still allowing you to fully relax during the session; the main focus is to release pain and reduce muscle stiffness.


2. Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage uses a lot more pressure than a Swedish massage as it focuses on the deeper tissues underneath the skin.

Generally, this technique involves slow but firm movements with added pressure applied by the fingers, which will help to relax your deep muscles and relieve any pain.

Usually, a deep tissue massage is used to treat chronic or extreme pain, however it can be used for fixing any imbalances in the body as well as helping lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Remember though, even though a deep tissue massage will be more intense, you shouldn’t feel any pain or soreness throughout the session.


3. Sports Massage

If you’re a keen athlete or do a lot of repetitive movements, a sports massage will be a good option for you.

However, if you don’t play that much sport but you are still prone to injuries, this will work.

Typically, people will have a sports massage to help increase their flexibility and performance, but it can be used to relieve pain, muscle tension and anxiety.

Like most massages, this will be done on the entire body, where the therapist will pay extra attention to the parts of the body that have more pain. Deep pressure is usually used but can be alternated with smoother strokes depending on your needs.


4. Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage is given away by its name – it uses hot stones.

Essentially, a stone is mildly heated and applied with normal pressure on your body, giving you complete tranquility.

At times, it can involve methods of a Swedish massage as the stones can be used instead of the hands to give either gentle strokes or firmer pressure.

As this massage helps to regulate circulation in the body, it’s perfect for reducing stress and anxiety. People will typically choose this massage to give their body and mind time to unwind.


5. Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massages are best for people who have certain injuries, chronic pain or a specific condition.

Sometimes, there are particular areas of tightness in the muscles which are known as trigger points, and can cause pain in other parts of the body.

So, by focussing on relieving tension from these trigger points can help to reduce this pain and discomfort.

As such, trigger point massage uses broad, flowing strokes that start gentle but are combined with strong but relaxing, deep pressure.

Usually, this massage is done on your whole body, but the therapist at the salon will focus on the specific areas that need to be released.


6. Aromatherapy Massage

The focus of an aromatherapy massage is emotional healing.

It’s a chance to give your mind a safe place to relax and release any stress that’s trapped inside your body. This type of massage helps to boost mood, reduce stress, reduce symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle tension and pain.

During the session, different essential oils will be used and soft, gentle pressure applied. Usually, your therapist will decide which oils to use, although you can let them know if you have a preference. You’ll be given a full body massage while inhaling the oils through a diffuser and absorbing them through your skin.


Rounding Up

All in all, most massages will help to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension and pain, so they can be helpful for a variety of different conditions and circumstances.

During your massage, you may feel a little sore the next day – don’t worry, this is just because of the deep pressure and tissue manipulation.

However, if you do experience discomfort during your massage, be sure to let your therapist know right away so they can adjust their technique to suit you.


For more information, please get in touch today.

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